What You should Know about Bail Bonds in Florida

When you or a family member is arrested, the judge will decide on a bail amount that has to be paid before you can be released. Staying in jail until the trial can be difficult and traumatic as you will be unable to find the time to locate witnesses and prepare a defense.

Moreover, if you are in jail until the trial, you will be unable to work and support your family. Many people are unable to find the cash to pay the bail amount. They can depend on David Stern’s bail bonds in Florida. The bail bondsman will charge a small fee of 10 percent and take your equity in your home or car as collateral in order to pay the full bail amount to the court and get you released.

David Stern Bail Bonds

David Stern Bail Bonds is a family owned company that is aware of the need to get people placed in jail before a trial released so that they can plan their defense and continue to support their families. David Stern Bail Bonds offers bail bonds services in Broward County and Ft Lauderdale. If you or a loved one have been arrested and require bail bonds in Broward County you should immediately contact David Stern Bail Bonds. Most of the transaction can be concluded over the phone and we accept payment by credit card, cash, or check.

Bail Bonds Services in Florida

The county judge in Florida determines the bond amount after a person has been arrested and charged with a crime. As most people are unable to come up with the cash required to post bail, the state also regulates the bail bonds services in Florida. Bail bondsmen are typically allowed to charge only 10 percent of the bail amount as their fee and they can use the home or car of the person for whom they are posting bail as collateral. This enables the arrested person to walk out of jail and retain their job during the trial. The collateral will be released once the trial is concluded and the bail bondsman obtains their money back from the justice system.

Bail Bond Process We Follow

David Stern Bail Bonds believes in making it easy for the arrested person and their family to obtain the bail amount and get out of jail soon. As soon as you are arrested you can contact our representative who will be available to post the bail for you as soon as the judge fixes the amount. This will typically take 48 hours in Florida. If you require bail bonds in Ft Lauderdale, FL,  our bail bondsman will get the required guarantees from a family member and post bail on your behalf to get you released.

Why Choose Us?

David Stern Bail Bonds is a family owned concern that is dedicated to ensuring that you are not unfairly incarcerated because of lack of cash. We help those charged with crimes to obtain bail until the trial without having to sell their assets (cars, furniture, bikes, flat screen TVs, and even take loans out on their home). Contact us at 954-467-2220 for 24-hour help.


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